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BREXIT, a year on

June 24, 2017

It’s been a year and so we have had time for the winners of the referendum to put forward their well thought out plans and allay the fears of those of us who voted to remain. Time for them to show that the vote was not just a xenophobic leap in the dark but a well thought through strategy with wide and clear economic benefits. Time for them to show their plan would take back control and not hand it to others via our much weakened negotiating position. Time to show our concerns about the status of the Good Friday agreement and peace in Ireland were ill founded.

They have had time to do all this and in doing so have had time to reduce the anger and replace it with an acceptance that while we may still not be happy about the result, the country is in safe hands, EU citizens have nothing to fear and their plans show that the economic consequences will at least be minimally negative or even as they promised positive.

Having done that there is a chance, all be it a small one, that I would have come round to accepting the referendum result means the best thing for us is to leave the EU.

However none of those things have happened.

They had no plan and a year later they still have no plan.

They have treated our non British EU citizens living in Britain in a way that is beyond contempt.

They appear to have given no thought to the Nortern Ireland peace process.

Despite saying there was no chance of leaving the single market during the campaign they seriously suggest this as a possibility, with it seems zero understanding of the economic consequences.

And now we have a minority government attempting the most complex negotiations ever, without a plan and without a mandate, having wasted months of the 2 year Article 50 negotiating time on an election.

There is no chance of the negotiations resulting in a workable agreement while both Labour and Conservatives insist on ending Freedom of movement.

We are going to face crashing out of the EU or not leaving.

Given that choice we will stay. It is just a question of time before the politicians face the facts that the electorate did not vote for economic suicide. The sooner they get there the better but the consequences of them not are to dire to contemplate.

Meanwhile we have to keep the pressure up. Leave’s arguments have all been shown to be nonsense and they are left with:

  1. We won the referendum.
  2. Be patriotic 

To which I say

  1. So where is your plan?
  2. I am. I’m defending my country from lunacy.

So I’m still as angry today as I was a year ago, only now….

…. I own an EU flag that flies in front of the house.


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One Comment
  1. I agree 100% Maybe I should buy a flag too

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