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First Imperial Century of 2012

January 8, 2012

Last week someone on a cycling forum posted a challenge for 2012 –

12 in 12

12 imperial centuries in 12 months, but the twist is you have to do 1 a month.

With the weather so good yesterday I embarked on the first century of the year with a friend. I planned the route electronically but since the demise of my bike GPS had to use paper maps for the bits I did not know. The “new” map/ were copyright in 1990, the old one from 1980!

Since it is not summer I did not ride this on my summer bike but instead on my commuter, with dynamo and saddle bag. On a normal Sunday ride on this I can keep up, a bit slow up the hills but not to much of a problem.

On a longer ride and one that seemed to have little flat riding after the first cafe, which itself was on the top of a hill, the road seemed to go up and down and up and down with each up the bike felt heavier and heavier.

We missed a turning in SouthWater that meant we had the pleasure of Horsham’s roads to deal with. Quite how a small town could build such unpleasant roads for cyclists is beyond me but we survived and more importantly it did not reduce the mileage. There would be nothing worse than going out to ride 100 miles only to get back and discoverer it was 99.99 miles.

Not long after Horsham we were in St Leonard’s Forest on a route I have cycled many times home so my spirits lifted a bit at least I knew when the hills were going to be.

Managed to get back and the final distance was 107 miles. The route is here.

I am now looking forward to February’s ride but pondering if one day in February could become an honorary summers day so I can ride a light bike!


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