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London cyclist safety review

December 16, 2011

I should be pleased that TfL are at last talking about “Improving cycling safety” however reading their post I am left confused.

The blog points out that for the first time in 10 years we now have no bendy buses on the roads of London. These bendy buses were so dangerous for cyclists that the Mayor made a priority of scrapping them at considerable cost. Apparently improved training for the drivers was not an option.

The bit that confuses me is that the bendy buses have killed the grand total of 0 cyclists. In 10 years these buses, which are so dangerous that they must be scrapped, have not actually killed a single cyclist.

Yet at the same time, lorries have killed more than I can count and the Mayor’s solution for the dangers from lorries? Better training and some mirrors, both of which would be voluntary.

Now I’m the last person to want bendy buses back, from a cyclist’s point of view they were terrible but the solution is not removing the buses, not unless you are also removing the really dangerous vehicles: lorries.

The solution is real high quality cycling infrastructure separated from the lorries, the bendy buses, the Taxis, motorcycles and cars. Note I say high quality. Not a dash of blue paint that stops when it gets to a junction.


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