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Tour Du Danger

November 13, 2011

On Saturday I got the train up to Vauxhall to join  the Tour Du Danger,  (you have to say it in a French accent) cycle ride to see the 10 most dangerous junctions for cyclists in London according to TFL. Mark who writes the ibikelondon blog had planned to ride it with a few mates. However after he tweeted that he was doing it a few others joined. Around 300 cyclists rode the route.

Mark gave a fantastic speech at the start.

Since there were so many of us and the traffic was relatively light, plus there were marshals blocking junctions so that the group stayed safely together you did not get the real feeling for how dangerous the junctions are. However going round Elephant and Castle even as a large group it was clear the danger tat faces cyclists. Even a relatively fast fit cyclist would not want to do that every day unless it was just for adrenaline high.

Commuting should be boring. You should not feel like you are taking your life in your hands, or worse in another person’s hands just to get to work or school.

The ride was fun. I met lots of cyclists none of whom I had met before from all walks of life and all types of cyclist. There was not a bike there that I would not love to own including the bamboo bikes.

The strangest encounter was meeting a cyclist also called Chris who also came from Walton on Thames. He had cycled up in the morning.  I felt it would be rude not to cycle home with him hence I rode back from London on my Bromptom rather than use the return ticket.

Top marks to Mar and the others who arranged and helped. It even made the top of the BBC London News.

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