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Riding the Olympic cycle route

August 21, 2011

Today I rode the entire Surrey section of the Olympic road race route. Only twice up Box Hill though there is only so much I will do for research. I’m sure there are people who can better tell you about racing the route so I won’t bother trying that.

I’m more interested in what will be the legacy for cyclists from this.

So much of the route is on busy A roads that I would certainly avoid riding on most of the time so I don’t see much benefit there from Surrey Council fixing the roads, which they appear to have done, while keeping to their claim of not resurfacing the entire route.

The road out of Leatherhead already has the drains sinking again but then it always has the drains sinking every time they are fixed.

The big improvement would be on Oatlands Drive, where there were some truly terrible chicanes installed at the pinch points that encouraged motorists to swerve into the path of a cyclist if the cyclist is stupid enough to take the cycle  “lane” I used to commute along this road on a daily basis until these chicanes were installed and after a few near misses I took to taking the main lane and then accepting the abuse of the motorists. I mentioned before that this is the only road I have been frightened off cycling on. Given that I have just riden the A24 and A25 through choice should tell you I don’t usually get frightened cycling,.

Surrey could save themselves some money and make cycling more safer and pleasant and probably please the motorists by simply not reinstating the chicanes.


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