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London Surrey cycle classic

August 15, 2011

First. This was a fantastic event. Particular praise should go to the marshals, volunteers and Police officers who had to apply the rules they were given.

However there were considerable negatives. All around Box Hill.

1st it’s a cycle race. You are going to get lots of cyclists there, something the organisers had clearly worked out as the cycle park, once you could get there, was great.

However to get there involved a massive walk, pushing your bike, to the top of Box Hill. We could have easily ridden up the zig zags. Failing that put the cycle park at a point that can be cycled to. Having it at the top of the hill which you then don’t let people cycle up is not helpful.

Then there was the “viewing” area. 4500 people 20 deep on a steep hill. I am not sure how anyone ever thought this would work. It did not. If this does not change for the Olympics my advice to anyone who wants to see the bike race is don’t go to Box Hill.

The iconic part of the race and the fans can’t see anything.

The failures here are designed in by the choice of a route and the restrictions placed on Fans.

How can the Olympic race be saved?

Open Box Hill. Move those fans so that they line the route, not 20 deep over a 100 yards but 3 deep over the entire hill. So fence off a strip that is the 5 metres closes to the road and only let the fans there. Less damage to the hill and a better experience.


Take a route that does not have these issues. There are plenty once you have accepted the massive disruption the current route involves. Looping through West Humble, over Ranmore then down into Dorking would work. So would looping over Ranmore then down to to Effingham. There are plenty of ways to get the climbing in without taking them up a hill where the Fans are not welcome.


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