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Warming up for the Gran Fondo Eddy Merckx

June 16, 2011

Our much awaited trip to Italy for the Gran Fondo Eddy Merckx finally arrived. We flew out on Friday with a plan to go for a short spin on Saturday and then the Gran Fondo on Sunday and back on Monday.

On Friday night we were having a nice meal outside the Hotel when the Cipollini-Giodana Team arrived for their dinner. With Nicole Cooke the reigning Olympic Road Race champion kind enough to have her photo taken with a bunch of “Pub Cyclists” and invite us to join them for a short ride on Saturday.

Come Saturday putting bikes put together things started to go wrong with two bikes out of eight not serviceable so a very quick trip to what turned out to be an excellent bike shop where the two broken bikes were left with the mechanic who promised miracles.

Those of us who had bike went to the start for the Ride which turned out to be a full Italian Cycling event. About 100 cyclists with the professionals chatting as they mode no effort at all and the “Pub Cyclists” working hard to just keep up! Possibly not the best preparation for Sunday but the opportunity had to be taken. Then obviously we had to have some lunch.Lunch with Nicole Cooke

Just when the day was getting less strange we bumped into God. No I mean it we bumped into Eddy Merckx. I will never take a better photo:


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