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Cycling Menorca

October 15, 2010

Last weekend I spent with 8 other riders from Molesey BBT on  a weekend cycling trip to Menorca. My initial reaction to the plan to go to Menorca was that there would not be enough roads to keep us entertained and what roads there are all lead to the “M1” which is the main road running down the spine of the island and the island is flat.

I was wrong.  As we had someone who knew the island well and by choosing to hop from north to south and back again multiple times on rides we hardly rode the same road twice in the same direction.

While the island does not have any of the mountains of Majorca it has far more in the way of rolling hills so that very little of the riding was flat. What mount Toro lacks in height it more than makes up for in the steepness of the road going up it. So much so that it is now the hardest climb I have ever done (climbs are always harder when you are chasing someone).

200 miles in three days was not bad going.  Getting stuck on the tarmac flying back thanks to the French Air traffic controllers was not so good though.


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