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April 18, 2010

Like many people our travel plans have been completely disrupted by the Icelandic Volcano eruption and the resulting flight cancellations.

A few things have made the experience, so far, much easier for us than for many:

  1. A house with wifi:
    1. Having a VOIP enabled phone along with the wifi. Long calls to the UK rather than being very expensive mobile roaming calls are now often free or local rate calls. Since we have been here we have spent less than £1 on calls and this is with a teenager using the phone. If your mobile supports VOIP and wifi make sure you know how to use it before you travel.
    2. Having my laptop. This will allow me to work from here. However more importantly it allows us to shop around rather than be stitched up. We learned our lesson with the hire car.  Calling to extend the hire by 2 days we were charged more for those 2 days then we were to hire a new car for 5 more over the internet. Lesson learned, the phone call may have been free, but it’s cheaper to hire a new car. What is more the new car will be clean. I can’t recommend the hire company although this seems to be typical of all car hire companies. It is also allowing us to keep upto date with how things are progressing, book new flights and plan an for ferry/overland escape if the flights don’t resume.

Mostly if Europe had reasonable data and voice roaming rates all of this could be achieved with a mobile phone but until that time I’m booking houses with wifi.


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  1. Veronica Collins permalink

    Agree with Chris having the laptop and being able to use skype was a godsend during our forced stay in USA. Also able to review hotels and shop around for reasonable price after our first hotel in San Francisco wanted to charge us weekend rates double the original price I had booked via expedia. This despite the fact they had rooms available over the weekend and were advertising their vacancies outside the hotel when we left. Other hotels more charitable given circs people were in. Skype meant could hang on to airline for interminable amount of time being taken around their automated answer system that didn’t understand my (English) accent.
    However REALLY pleased had my mobile as meant was contacted by Virgin re stand by availability- worth it at any price.

  2. Hans J. Albertsson permalink

    The best way to manage is to avoid flying…. 🙂

    Actually, my heart goes out to you, Chris. Good to see you cope so well. Regard it as a bonus stay and an opportunity to learn, though I wonder what.

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