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Majorca Cycling II

April 14, 2010

The riding here is nearly over. Just one trip to the bike
to return the hire bike then a walk along the sea front back
to the house. It would be unrealistic to not have an ice cold beer at
one of the bars I pass so won’t even try not not. Assuming there are
no issues returning the bike I would highly recommend hiring a bike
although be sure to book as when I was collecting mine they were
turning away people as all the bikes were booked.

Porta Pollenca makes just about a perfect place for a cyclist for
a week. I’ve got a bit fed up with the same routes in and out but
that really is the limit of the negative things. The number of
cyclists is quite staggering from clubs riders to tourists to Pros
(well on the basis that everyone who overtook me must be Pro, I know
I’m deluded).

The Bike Map is every bit as good as I expected and the rides in
the hills are fantastic. If you come here be sure to go to Port
de sa Calobra
the fact that to get there involves large climb and
as it is on the coast you are committed to the same climb in reverse
to get out should not put you off. The decent is spectacular. Give it
all you have. You will have plenty of time to study the views when
you go back up again.

The longest ride I did was a week ago A 141km route with 2489m of

via Lluc where I had coffee and cake with the rest of the family
before climbing over and into Soller. The descent if you knew the
road could be infeasibly fast but I took it easy partly as a self
preservation strategy and partly to conserve energy as I knew I had
two more large hills to climb on the way back.

Leaving Soller via the Col de Soller is really special. More
really short zig-zags than you can possibly imagine but would be no
fun coming down. The desent from Col de Soller to Bunyola is good.
Not a s good as Port De sa Colobra but still worth it.

I also did a flat ride (to see if it would be fun) turns out it
was not. I should have taken the bike back to the shop to use their
track pump before the ride as when I did I only had 60psi in the rear
tyre which would explain why the ride felt hard despite the flat
route. If you are not into mountains though the route was not without
pleasant stretches of quiet roads, they just lack hills.

Even just quick rides to Lluc or the Lighthouse offer some great
riding although again with hills.

Just for the record the hire bike had a 53/39 chainset and 12-27
cassette. I needed them all.


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