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Majorca Cycling

April 6, 2010

Having collected the hire bike from
which they very diligently fitted getting the saddle the right height
and exchanging the handlebar stem for a shorter one (here is how
modern equipment helps imagine trying to fit a new stem when you have
a quill stem that requires the removal of handlebar tape and brake
levers!). I also picked up the "Bike
map which conveniently has a number of suggested
rides based around Port de Pollenca.

I collected the bike at 5pm and the sensible thing would be to ride it
home, do the tweaking required (fit the GPS and video camera. Alas
the video does not fit on Carbon handlebars as they are too thick)
and then go out early in the morning. However in the real world a 25
mile ride with 860m of climbing can not be turned down.

This first ride is a short run to Cap de Formentor, which truth be
told does not need the map I had bought as there is just one road.
You ride out along it and back along it. There is no way to get lost.

My only issue was that I did not know when it would get dark. When
I left at 6pm this did not even cross my mind but once I had
descended the first hill and was in the shade I began to wonder. (I
seem to have had an OSIJCO moment, but did not know it) Luckily I was
passed by another cyclist so I figured that as long as I turned when
he passed me coming back I would be o.k. so I continued on. Up the
penultimate climb I caught another rider so figured I would not be
the last one on the road. The full track
is here

As it turned out I made it back easily in the light, although the
tunnel did require the removal of the Sun glasses and was quite
exciting going down hill but not nearly as exciting as a previous
as it was straight.

Today’s ride was to Lluc, Campanet and back to Port de Pollenca. I
forgot to turn on sports tracker on my phone so I don’t have a track
of the ride until I can get the one off the Garmin. The climb and
descent were spectacular however some of the driving was appalling.
Apparently when overtaking a cyclist on a bend you don’t have to
worry about cyclists going in the other direction or at least that is
how it seemed. Garmin says 67.5km the speedo that came with the bike
says 70. The map said it should be only 60 (plus 5 to get to and from
the "start"). The map says 986m climbing


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  1. Paul F permalink

    Surprised you waited till 5pm to collect the bike. You may also be spending to much of your holiday online, or are you ‘wfh’?
    See you soon

    • chrisgerhard permalink

      It was pissing with rain in the morning and then the shop was closed for Lunch until 4:30…

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