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Upgrade to build 133

February 27, 2010

At last an upgrade that does not really need a post. Moving from build 132 to 133 was completely painless.

In other home server news my experience with Western Digital disk drives continues to be bad with my third failure in as many months. Western Digital tell me they don’t support their drives on Linux or in a RAID environment.I’m not going to try and explain that OpenSolaris is not Linux to them.

With this in mind I have bought a pair of Seagate drives so that I can have each half of the mirror on different vendors drives.


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  1. Hans J. Albertsson permalink

    What could be the rationale behind refusing to support a disk on Linux? Is M$ giving them a kickback?

    Sounds like they’re just shirking responsibility.

    Solution should be to avoid them.

  2. notpeter permalink

    What capacity/model WD disks were they?

    I think what they may be referring to is the fact that officially the only support RAID with their enterprise RE drives (Raid Edition). I’ve had four WD 1TB RE2 disks running for 18months with ZFS without issue. I just purchased four WD 2TB RE4 disks and hoping they hold up just as well.

  3. cale permalink

    I just installed VDI 3.1.1 on Osol snv_134 and it really worked quite well after some tweaking.

    However console-kit-daemon kept crashing after some logouts. After beeing restarted by smf status of all old gdm-session was lost, and any status change did result in a 26D on the SunRays. I wonder, whether you ever saw that problem?

    I now use the consolekit from the git (multi-seat) which seems not to crash any more (I saw contributions from you there as well). Could you please comment on whether you had the problem as well?


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