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If you want fast service send spreadsheets in ODF

February 6, 2010

It may seem odd to those who use Windows all the time, but if you don’t use Windows and don’t have access to windows then you can’t run Office 2007 even if you wanted to and since no other program can read Office files if you send them we won’t be able to read them.

This is not because we are odd or don’t want to help, we genuinely don’t have access to windows, maybe Oracle will change this but at the moment we don’t have easy access to Windows. So if you want data analyzed quickly send it in ODF format. There is a plugin for Office that will let you do this without reverting to using a free Office suite.


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  1. Lewis permalink

    This is total rubbish. Office files open fine in OpenOffice. Please send txt or csv files.

  2. chrisgerhard permalink

    Try opening a xlsx file with OpenOffice. If it can be done please explain it,

  3. Mike Smith permalink

    I use Office 97 files as the lingua-franca between OpenOffice, Star Office 7, Office 2003 and Office 2007. RTF or CSV would work, as the previous commenter suggested, if the content is sufficiently simple. I’ll take a look at the Office plugin for ODTn as it might help me, is that for 2007?

    It would be nice if there was one agreed standard, but sometimes commercial interests override openness and common sense.

    There was a company once which tried to take on Microsoft head to head. Called them monopolists, took them to court, called them rude names, refused to run Microsoft products anywhere.

    Good people, I’ll miss them.

    BYW, can OpenOffice read and write .WKS files?

  4. Hans J. Albertsson permalink

    Can someone please email me one each of the ***x office doc formats? Id like to test a way to get them into OO3.something

  5. Hans J. Albertsson permalink

    Indeed, OO 3.0 CAN load but not write back at least a basic .docx format file.

    HOWEVER: there appears to be a myriad silly oversights somebody producing the .docx thingie could just happen to indulge in, any one of which can stop OO3.0 interpreting the file.

    The rational attitude is to realise that if we want to communicate, that is what we should try our best to do.

    And that means using interchangeable formats.

    RTF and or csv, sure, and the Office 97 formats will do fine, too.
    The odf translators are not perfect, either.

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