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To the Sun engineers from nowhere

January 30, 2010

When I started blogging at Sun we were given two suggestions:

1) Be interesting

2) Write what you know about.

Clearly I failed on 1 but I hope I did at least for the most part do the second.

This post is neither.

I started working for Sun in February 1988 which means had it lasted another six months I would had have spent half my life working for Sun.

In the geek world Sun was a tour de force. So much of what people use computers for today stands on the shoulders of work done at and products made by Sun. It’s been an immense pleasure to see products and services running on equipment and technology I work with. I’m guessing this will not end with the acquisition and certainly the talk from Oracle is very positive about the future for the Sun product line and I hope I get to play my part in that.

Plenty of people have said that it was the people who made Sun what it was and that is true. So many clever people for you to work with. Some arrogant to the extreme others willing to go out of there way to help others.

For me my favourite memories of Sun are the engineers who came from “nowhere”.

The 16 year old sent on a Youth Opportunity program who went on to be a full time employee.

The man who worked in the post room and delivered the post. He  still works for Sun resolving complex issues with servers.

Finally the students and interns that arrived knowing so little and within weeks were managing complex configurations and delivering solutions that would go on being used long after they left. Some of those solutions even got documented!

They made working at Sun a pleasure.


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  1. Chris – we’ve never met. I totally agree. What an honor it was to work at Sun and learn at Sun. I’m in the group of marketeers from ‘nowhere’. I wish you much in your next adventure.

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