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Another Sun Ray workaround for OpenSolaris build 131

January 29, 2010

Here is yet another thing to workaround to help Sun Ray working on build 131 of OpenSolaris. This all really relates back to gdm and it’s smf integration which should be fixed in build 132 but in the mean time means that this bug which results in dbus-deamon  dumping core ends up causing gdm to restart and so all the Sun Ray sessions are lost.

Since I already have a bit of D that is saving me from metacity doing the same or running away, the workaround can kill the process before it can dump core. In both cases the process is sent a SIGTERM and then they dump core.

#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -qws

/ (execname == "metacity"|| execname == "dbus-daemon" ) && args[0] == 15 / {
        system("logger -t metacity.d -p daemon.notice killing %s[%d]",
             execname, pid);

I’m not certain this will work but I have nothing to loose here.


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