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Workaround for runaway metacity

January 26, 2010

Sun Ray on OpenSolaris build 131 requires the same workarounds I previously mentioned.

There is one more that helps with both 130 and 131. With the new gdm set up the login screen now runs “metacity” and occasionally this can get into a loop just consuming CPU. The trigger is that metacity has been sent a signal to terminate but then tries to be a bit too clever and goes into the loop. I’ve filed this bug so that it can be fixed.

Happily once again you can work around this with a bit of dtrace:

#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -qws
/ execname == "metacity" && args[0] == 15 / {
       system("logger -t metacity.d -p daemon.notice killing metacity[%d]", pid);

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