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More Sun Ray on OpenSolaris build 130

January 11, 2010

As I have previously mentioned I have Sun Ray “working” on OpenSolaris build 130 at home. There are some minor tweaks required to get things working close to perfectly.

If you are doing this you are already running OpenSolaris build 130 and Sun Ray which is completely unsupported. These changes are also completely unsupported. There was not warranty but if there was one you will void it.

First take a back up. Since you are running OpenSolaris and therefore have ZFS take snapshot of the file system that contains /opt/SUNWut and also use beadm to create a snapshot of the boot environment.

Now to get to a point where you can login on a Sun Ray DTU you need to do this:

ln -s /usr/lib/xorg/ /opt/SUNWut/lib
ln -s /usr/lib/xorg/ /opt/SUNWut/lib
rm /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/GL
ln -s ../../../../../var/run/opengl/server \
mkdir /etc/opt/SUNWut/X11
echo "catalogue:/etc/X11/fontpath.d" > /etc/opt/SUNWut/X11/fontpath
usermod -d /var/lib/gdm gdm

However the utwho command won’t work and if you want to use utaction as root you need to follow the instructions in my last post.

Now utwho is extremely useful and for me a requirement as it is used by my access hours script so I wanted to get that working. As with the issues with utaction the first problem is that the script that sets this up expects to run as root but now everything is running as the user “gdm”. Again the solution is RBAC.

Follow the instructions from my last post to set up a GDM profile and make the user gdm use it. Then add these lines to /etc/security/exec_attr:


and then edit the two file listed above to add in the bold lines below. The example is /etc/opt/SUNWut/gdm/SunRayInit/Default:

# iterate over the helpers directory
# ident "@(#)     1.5 09/07/31 SMI"
# Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
if [[ "$_" != "/usr/bin/pfexec" ]] && [[ -x /usr/bin/pfexec ]]  
       exec /usr/bin/pfexec $0 $@
for i in /etc/opt/SUNWut/gdm/SunRayInit/helpers/*
        if [ -x $i ];
              . $i
exit 0

Finally, and quite whether this is required I’m not sure, but the reset-dpy script will not work properly either so make these changes to fix it:

*** /opt/SUNWut/.zfs/snapshot/month_2009-12-01-01:02/lib/xmgr/gdm/reset-dpy     Tue Oct 20 01:32:31 2009
--- ./reset-dpy Mon Jan 11 13:59:30 2010
*** 65,70 ****
--- 65,71 ----
        dpys=`gdmdynamic -l | /bin/sed -e 's/:\([^,]*\),[^;]*/\1/g' -e 's/;/ /g' `
        for dpy in $dpys
+         dpy=${dpy#:}
            if [[ $dpy -ge $MINDISP && $dpy -le $MAXDISP ]]; then
            rm "$PRESESSION_DIR/:$dpy"
              rm "$POSTSESSION_DIR/:$dpy"

Now all will work:

: pearson FSS 2 $; utwho -c
12.0 Payflex.500a094f00130100         user2   P8.00144f57a46f
 : pearson FSS 3 $; utwho
12 Payflex.500a094f00130100             user2
14 Payflex.500a094d00130100             user1
18 Payflex.500a094c00130100             user3
19 Payflex.500a094e00130100             user4
: pearson FSS 4 $;

However you have voided your warranty!

Update: 12/1/2010 These problems should be fixed in build 132 so the workarounds should not be needed then.


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  1. Karl Rossing permalink

    We voided our warranty back on b115 of Nevada.
    Got some 26d errors on some DTU’s. It seems that more users(120) you have on a server, the more those errors appear.
    Here is to hoping OpenSolaris b130 or above does not do this.

  2. JERRY KEMP permalink

    are you working with OpenSolaris Nevada or Indiana in your example?

  3. OpenSolaris build 130

  4. JERRY KEMP permalink

    but are you using Nevada or Indiana?
    Also, is this even a relevant question, will the items in you post work on both?

  5. I’m running OpenSolaris not Solaris Express.
    I believe this would work on Solaris Express but have not tried it. Since this is the last Solaris Express release moving to OpenSolaris is something that should be done urgently.

  6. Nice Post. I searched the entire net for informations like u shared it on this post “More Sun Ray on OpenSolaris build 130 Chris Gerhard's Blog”. Thanks very much, it had helped.

  7. Michael permalink

    I dont understand this line?
    ln -s ../../../../../var/run/opengl/server \

    It is relative path? But where am I? If you type “pwd” what is the output?

    If I “su -” I start into “root” directory. But it is a weird thing to do “../../../../” then. I dont understand, could you please update your post and use absolute paths, instead of relative?

  8. chrisgerhard permalink

    The relative paths are required or things will break when doing installs and upgrades.

    Since they are symbolic links they are relative to the link not the current working directory.

    So it is relative to the link /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/GL

    which becomes /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/../../../../../var/run/opengl/server which in turn becomes /var/run/opengl/server

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