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Preparing for OpenSolaris @ home

October 9, 2009

Since the “nevada” builds of Solaris next are due to end soon and for some time the upgrade of my home server has involved more than a little bit of TLC to get it to work I will be moving to an OpenSolaris build just as soon as I can.

However before I can do this I need to make sure I have all thesoftware to provide home service. This is really a note to myself to I don’t forget anything.

  • Exim Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). Since I am using certain encryption routines, virus detection and spamassassin I was unable to use the standard MTA, sendmail, when the system was originaly built and have been using exim, from blastwave. I hope to build and use exim without getting all the cruft that comes from the Blastwave packaged. So far this looks like it will be simple as OpenSolaris now has OpenSSL.

  • An imapd. Currently I have a blastwave version but again I intend to build this from scratch again the addition of OpenSSL and libcrypto should make this easy.

  • Clamav. To protect any Windows systems and to generally not pass on viri to others clamav has been scanning all incoming email. Again I will build this from scratch as I already do.

  • Spamassassin. Again I already build this for nevada so building it for OpenSolaris will be easy.

  • Ddclient. Having dynamic DNS allows me to login remotely and read email.

  • Squeezecenter. This is a big issue and in the past has proved hard to get built thanks to all the perl dependacies. It is for that reason I will continue to run it in a zone so that I don’t have to trash the main system. Clearly with all my digital music loaded into the squeezecentre software this has to work.

I’m going to see if I can jump through the legal hoops that will allow me to contribute the builds to the contrib repository via Source Juicer. However as this is my spare time I don’t know whether the legal reviews will be funded.

Due to the way OpenSolaris is delivered I also need to be more careful about what I install. rather than being able to choose everything. First I need my list from my laptop. Then in addtion to that I’ll need

  • Samba – pkg:/SUNWsmba

  • cups – pkg:/SUNWcups

  • OpenSSL – pkg:/SUNWopenssl

Oh and I’ll need the Sun Ray server software.


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  1. Any particular reasoning, apart from familiarity for using samba instead of native CIFS?

  2. Alas yes. The native CIFS server and my home PC don’t get on. Specifically iTunes will create files that it then can’t see, only a problem on my PC other windows systems are OK. Samba works just fine. I’ve been running SAMBA in a zone so I have both but have not had the time to work out exactly what is wrong.

  3. You can’t install without OpenSSL since the pkg tools themselves require it.
    Can you document what is needed for Squeezecenter so I can get it setup for a friend (in a zone if need be).

  4. That is interesting. I think you can install a zone without OpenSSL as mine did not have it until I installed it.
    I will almost certainly reinstall this once I have it working now I know it can be done and will take better notes.

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