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Moving to an OpenSolaris Sun Ray

September 15, 2009

Today I took the plunge and moved from working on our Nevada based Sun Ray Servers to one running OpenSolaris. So that I could get the full OpenSolaris look and feel I first purged my home directory of a number of configuration files and directories using a script like1 this:

#!/bin/ksh -p TARGET=b4OpenSolaris test -d $HOME/$TARGET || mkdir $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.ICEauthority $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.cache $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.chewing $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.config $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.dbus $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.dmrc $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gconf $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gconfd $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gksu.lock $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gnome2 $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gnome2_private $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gstreamer-0.10 $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.gtk-bookmarks $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.iiim $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.local $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.nautilus $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.printer-groups.xml $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.rnd $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.sunstudio $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.sunw $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.updatemanager $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.xesam $HOME/$TARGET mv $HOME/.xsession-errors $HOME/$TARGET

I generated the list by installing OpenSolaris in a VirtualBox and then logging in and doing a bit of browsing and general usage and then seeing was was created. Additionally “.mozilla” was created but I chose to retain that so that I can keep all the history that is in my browser.

Once logged in I have removed the update-manager icon as I am not the administrator. I have also removed the power notification and network monitor as they provide no useful data on a Sun Ray server.

Using “System->Preferences->Startup Applications” I unchecked the codeina update notifier and added my script for updating my IM status.

So far so good but it is taking a while to get used to the menu being a the top and the window list at the bottom of the screen.

1Like as in similar to and not this exact script as mine had my home directory hard coded into it.

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  1. Kebabbert permalink

    And how do you install SunRay software on the OpenSolaris server? Do you have updated install instructions? Or will the SunRay software be available as a IPS soon?

  2. Iain permalink

    Chris, thanks for this tip. I’ve just moved onto OpenSolaris sunrays too and had wondered why it didn’t look like it should.
    I also cleared out a lot of other old files in my home directory too.

  3. Kebabbert,
    Here is how it is done: SRSS will be in ips at some point.

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