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New Edelux to light my way home

September 6, 2009

My winter bike is ready for another dose of rain and darkness. This year I have a new headlight the 2.4W Schmidt Edelux. A single LED that throws out more light that my old 12V set up. The old Lumitec Oval Plus sensor failed at the end of last winter such that the only part that still worked was the lamp. Neither the sensor or the swith would turn it off and the standlight also failed. While I don’t hold much store in a forward standlights having so many it was only time before the light really failed. Something I can’t really risk.

So I have joined the 21st century and have an LED. I’ve only test ridden it up and down the road, which has street lights, so does not really do it justice but it was very impressive. Like the Oval Plus sensor it comes on automatically and has a manual override.

Unlike the Oval Plus the switch is well protected being a reed switch operated by a magnet so there is no way for water to get inside and like all Schmidt lights it has a 5 year warranty and looks fantasitc.

It is powered by the SON hub generator and also swithes the rear light.

Photo by Robyn Gerhard


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