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Cycle helmets or brakes

July 18, 2009

I’ve just straightened the rear wheel on the bike of a friend of my daughter and while I was at it checked over the rest of the bike. This leads to my top tip for parents of children who cycle (which IMO should be every parent of an able bodied child).

Before you start worrying about whether your child is or is not wearing a helmet1 make sure that the brakes on their bike work. Not just when the bike is new but regularly.

1See for whether you should worry about that at all.


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  1. I’d say it’s pretty important that kids are taught how to use there brakes effectively as well. It’s a long time since I did my cycling proficiency course and test but I don’t remember ever being taught skills such as planning your breaking in advance and how to perform an emergency stop, or how to cope with locking a wheel. The ability to stop very quickly, cope with bad traction as well as observation of traffic or trail conditions has saved me from serious injury on more than one occasion.

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