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Passing the Baton

June 14, 2009

When I was about 16 I used to ride around Surrey and Sussex a lot on my bike. Sometimes on my own and sometimes with friends. It allowed me to miss the Wedding of Lady Di and Prince Charles by going camping the entire weekend, little did I realise I would get complete symetry and miss her death as well.

On one of these cycling trips I was on my own, tired and struggling up a hill out of Horsham (I assume I was returning from Worthing as I used to cycle down there quite often and since I was on my own I must have been visiting my Great Aunt who lived there). As I struggled up the hill a cyclist who was much older than me (probably in his forties) pull along side and asked how I was. I replied something like “knackered” at which point he put his hand on my back and pushed me up the hill. I was both thankful for his kindness and appaulled that an “old git” was pushing me, a teenager, up the hill.

Well today I managed to pass the baton on. A teenager came out with us on our ride today and on the way back from the cafe blew quite spectacularly. Not able to keep up on the flat even in the tow of the other riders unless we slowed to a crawl, which we did, then we got to a hill and I saw my chance. I realised I had been waiting 28 years (or so) to pay this favour back and so I pushed him up the hill.


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