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User and group quotas for ZFS!

April 19, 2009

This push will be very popular amoung those who are managing servers with thousands of users:

Repository: /export/onnv-gate Total changesets: 1  Changeset: f41cf682d0d3  Comments: PSARC/2009/204 ZFS user/group quotas & space accounting 6501037 want user/group quotas on ZFS 6830813 zfs list -t all fails assertion 6827260 assertion failed in arc_read(): hdr == pbuf->b_hdr 6815592 panic: No such hold X on refcount Y from zfs_znode_move 6759986 zfs list shows temporary %clone when doing online zfs recv

User quotas for zfs has been the feature I have been asked about most when talking to customers. This probably relfects that most customers are simply blown away by the other features of ZFS and the only missing feature was user quotas if you have a large user base.


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  1. kangcool permalink

    And the ability to add and remove disks to vdevs.
    But hey, rome was not built in a day….

  2. Dexter Kimball permalink

    Why not allocate a filesystem for each user? Quotas per filesystem exist, and a ZFS filesystem is lightweight.

  3. @Dexter Kimball
    When you have 50,000 users each with it’s own file system although they are cheap the cumulative effect is not good. Just mounting the file systems can take a while. If you then have snapshots listing the snapshots takes a long while (although my -d option to zfs list helps limit this).

  4. LGB permalink

    Yes lightweight, but is it really lightweight with 200000 users? Current Solaris needs ages to mount even much less number of zfs filesystems. Also, quota of a user can be lowered, even below the value the user already has. With zfs filesystems it is not possible but we need it: if user has 50Mb data, and we set his quota to 25, nothing special happen, just "over quota", but with zfs you can’t reduce the size of the file system below the size when it’s filled fully.

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