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Solo cycle

April 5, 2009

I was a bit late to the meeting point and there was no one there. I decided to guess which way they had gone, or more accurately I used the old trick of choosing a route that if they had gone that way I would catch them. This took me to Cobham and then through Effingham and up Coombe Bottom. This week was much warmer, my water bottle was clean and there was no repeat of the problem of last week. Having still not caught them I went in search of what I now know is called “Weare Street” a delightful road that I have been taken along but never really known how to find it. One day Street view will fail to show the beauty of the place, you really need to be on a bike to apprieciate it.

I was very pleased to find it with only one mistake and then having ridden it turned left when I should have turned right. Fortunately both mistakes lead me very quickly to places I recognised and so I was able to rectify the error. Having a map would have solved the problem but is really not worth it if you know most of roads.

Ended up at Henfold Lakes for a Cup of tea where I met another rider who had also been late and not found anyone. We rode back via Ranmore Common.

Ended up doing 60 miles and was back at 11:30.


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