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Bad Ride

March 29, 2009

Today was much colder than I expected and so as we cycled out through Stoke d’Abernon I was beginning to get cold, especially my hands. Going up White Down I started to feel strange when I stopped at the bottom at Raikes Lane and it all started to go wrong. Feeling faint and sick I could go no further and when the other riders arrived they boyed my spirits by telling me I looked really pale. They flagged down a car (which had bikes on the back) and pursuaded him to take me to Dorking, where there would be a Cafe. I was quite confused, confused enough not to worry about leaving my bike.

I got to Dorking and met up with the other cyclists one of whom had ridden the few miles pushing my bike. In the Cafe warm sweet tea while I waited to be rescued.

Now I’m home and still not feeling right I’m reasonably sure it was not the cold but instead something I drank. I had stupidly not cleaned the brand new water bottle I was using before using it.

Big thank you to the anonymous driver who lifted me to Dorking.


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One Comment
  1. a380guy permalink

    Chris, I have had this same experience cycling home after work however was root-caused to a late lunch of some Indian food :-).

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