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Summer bike back on the road

March 21, 2009

I’ve just completed one of the best jobs of spring. Putting my summer bike back on the road. This year it has the obligatory new chain and cassette (I ended up splashing for the Record cassette as I could not find a Chrous one), new cables and jockey wheels. Here is a top tip if your bikes gears no longer change as positively as they did when new,replace the cables and jockey wheels. I also replaced the G springs and the broken front brake spring.

The things I never thought I would wear out were the bottle cages:

I’m not sure the picure does it justice but almost half the profile of the bars have worn away which has had two effects. The cages no longer hold bottles securely and the aluminium wearing off on my water bottles means they look horrible. So I have new carbon fibre (but thanks to the credit crunch not Campagnolo) cages:

Finally the obligotory new handlebar tape and I’m done. The tyres are still good for a few more miles.

As always even just getting on it to test things are o.k. is a dream compared to my winter bikes. The trouble is it leaves me with no excuses for being slow.


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One Comment
  1. Chris Talbot permalink

    Hehe I have to admit that I couldnt resist cracking out the summer bike as soon as i started commuting by bike this year :S

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