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March 3, 2009

I have a real SqueezeBox at last. A wonderful birthday present from a wonderful person.

Getting the SqueezeCentre software working on Solaris is hard or at least getting perl and it’s required modules is really hard. Luckily for me a colleague had already done this and helped me out. In due course we hope to get an IPS package but since I needed nevada images that is no good for me at the moment.

The Squuezebox itself is fantastic although wireless turned out to be to unreliable with the box not being able to get beyond 25% into it’s buffer and tonight with the bad weather tonight that dropped to 1% and no music. The final resting place for the Squeezebox has a CAT5 connection but until it can move there it is now sharing one of the ethernet over power brick with the 40″ Sun Ray.

I now want one for each room…..


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  1. Chris, you had me very worried until I followed the url.
    I was starting to thing you had been given one of these ( ), and not only that, was very pleased with it.

  2. I have been running SqueezeBox on my Solaris home server for a few years now. I LOVE IT!!! I am surprised that almost no one I mention it to has ever heard of it. Congratulations on getting it working on Solaris! It’s not an easy process, especially if you’re not used to compiling your own PERL modules. Anyway, I really look forward to a packaged version of it for Solaris in the future. The build process you went through must be done again when you install the next release. I have done this about 4-5 times now. It’s a drag every time, but I love my SqueezeBox and really like that it runs on Solaris 😀

  3. Sort of linked, the guys are going to be in the city office ( and they recommend a squeezebox too (

  4. What no virtual Birthday cake this year Chris ? Anyway Happy Birthday!

  5. What no virtual Birthday cake this year Chris ? Anyway Happy Birthday!

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