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Fill that hole RFE

February 26, 2009

Fill that hole is a web site set up by the CTC for reporting pot holes and road defects so that they can be reported back to the relevant authority. You don’t have to be a cyclist to use it and all road users benefit from it’s actions.

I Just put this suggestion on the site:

You should look at getting a twitter feed that can report holes when a certain tag is used.

A phone with a camera, GPS and network link could be used to report holes accurately with supporting evidence from the side of the road.

Also apps for the various smart phones to do the same would be good. I would love to be able to use my Nokia E71 to snap a photo of a hole and then just upload it. The phone has GPS so it really should not involve any extra work.

The next level of having the camera watch the road and automatically recognise holes look them up in the database of known defects and report new one. Possibly over engineering the solution a bit there;-)


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  1. Craig Morgan permalink

    Try a serach for FixMyStreet, website has been around for a while and they’ve got an iPhone app that does exactly what you want 😉
    Ps. If you think Hampshire is bad, come ride around some of the back lanes in Herefordshire/Powys, tarmac between the holes is rare 😉

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