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Build 108

February 15, 2009

I’ve managed to upgrade my home server to build 108 which is an important mile-stone for me as it has the fix for:

6763600: nautilus becomes unusable on a system with 39000 snapshots.

Which was rendering nautilus close to unusable for any users who moved out of their lofs automounted home directories. In partilcular any attempt to use it to manage the photo directories was painful.

However all was not smooth as again I hit this bug:

6795892: Sun Ray X servers (both Xsun and Xorg) suffer network problems in snv_106

but since I was expecting this I tried the workaround from bug 6799655 which is the same as the one for 6763600:

In /etc/sock2path change the following lines:

     2   2   0   tcp     2   2   6   tcp      26  2   0   tcp     26  2   6   tcp      2   1   0   udp     2   1   17  udp      26  1   0   udp     26  1   17  udp 


     2   2   0   /dev/tcp     2   2   6   /dev/tcp      26  2   0   /dev/tcp6     26  2   6   /dev/tcp6      2   1   0   /dev/udp     2   1   17  /dev/udp      26   1  0   /dev/udp6     26   1  17  /dev/udp6

While this got the Sun Rays up it also stopped named from working, spewing errors like this:

Feb 15 15:10:39 pearson named[15558]: [ID 873579 daemon.error] 71/Protocol error Feb 15 15:10:39 pearson named[15558]: [ID 873579 daemon.error] socket.c:4315: unexpected error: 

So have had to revert to some internal to Sun binaries that work around this while the underlying bug is fixed. It is slighly worring as I’m left wondering what other victims are out there. One I have already found is ntp, which is a known bug:

6796948: NTP completely broken by I_SETSIG semantics change in snv_106

I suspect that the system will have to revert to build 105 soon.

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