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40″ Sun Ray Display

February 4, 2009

I managed to buy 2 Sun Ray 2’s off Ebay and one of them was is now in place in the living room driving our 40” TV.

Combine this with a KeySonic wireless mini keyboard and the DTU does not only act as a photo frame. The Sun Ray unit is attached to the underside of the shelf as the top unit in the pile is a Virgin cable TV recorder which does not like having anything on top blocking the air flow. Thanks to the Sun Ray 2 being so light 5 strips of sticky back velcro do the trick so well that it really is going nowhere to the point that I could not remove it to plug the USB keyboard adapter directly in the back of the unit. The keyboard adapter has a button you have to press once plugged in to pair it with the keyboard. Alas with the Sun Ray in this configuration the button faces upwards. So there is a short USB cable hidden back there.

Networking is provided via Ethenet over mains.

The keyboard has impressive range and a really nice touch pad that pretends to have a scroll wheel down one side. However I’ve not yet got the keyboard map for it right but it only arrived an hour ago so there is time.


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  1. Looks like you need to change the resolution of the DTU you have plenty more screen space available šŸ™‚

  2. I needed to logout to get widescreen and now it should all just scale on the non wide screen screens.

  3. How good is the video performance?
    A good legal test video is available from in a variety of formats and sizes.

  4. Thommy M. Malmström permalink

    Love this. This is exactly what I’ve been telling my wife about. It will happen at my house as soon as OpenSolaris 2009.4 is out with full Sun Ray 4.1 support, I hope… I’ve two SR 2 laying around at home doing nothing at the moment.

  5. Tony Heskett permalink

    Thanks for the kbd idea, looks like just what I’ve been after.
    If you come up with ingenious mappings, can you post ’em, please ?

  6. The video performance is well not good but I was not using the Windows media player magic, something that is tempting from my XP virtual box but I suspect that is not going to fly with only a dual CPU system and five Sun Rays.
    One thing that the very nice people on the internal Sun Ray alias taught me how to do, without being rude and telling me to RTFM, was to set the keyboard type for a keyboard like this that does not identify itself so this now works perfectly:
    # cat /root/living.parms
    # utfwadm -A -e 00:14:4f:7d:c3:83 -i /root/living.parms Unit "00144F7DC383" will be upgraded at its next power-on
    if it is served by host "pearson" and is connected to
    the network and is not already running firmware
    version "4.1_50_2008.".
    ### stopped DHCP daemon
    ### started DHCP daemon
    ### reinitialized DHCP daemon

  7. UX-admin permalink

    How did you attach the SunRay 2 under the shelf?

  8. I actually say how in the post. Sticky back velcro I figured it would let me remove it but in practice if you pull it *really* *really* hard the sticky back gives before the velro.

  9. Thommy M. Malmström permalink

    Are you using a DVI to HDMI cable?

  10. @Thommy M. Malmström
    No. I’m using a DVI to VGA (or the 9 pin "PC") cable.

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