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Suspend and resume really does just work

January 31, 2009

The whole rebooting thing last night and the surprise that my laptop had been “up”for 18 days left me wondering how many times I had suspended the system. I turns out this is easy to check in /var/adm/messages, which thanks to the laptop being hibernated most of the night fails to get cleaned out by cron, using a short script:

cjg@brompton:~$ nawk ‘/SunOS/ { if (count > max) { max=count} ; count=0 } /resume/ { count++ } END { print "current",count; print "max",max }’ /var/adm/messages  current 3 max 109 cjg@brompton:~$  

109 sucessful suspend and resume cycles is not bad. I can’t find a kernel statistic that counts them directly which I think is a pity. Also I need to keep an eye on the messages files however with ZFS root and snapshots going on the whole log file rotation and clean up could do with rethinking even in the non laptop case.


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  1. andrewk8 permalink

    Which laptop is that on? Is it one on the magic list that works "out of the box"?

  2. I love the suspend/resume feature too! It’s really convenient to suspend the box and get back to the screensaver every morning. BTW, I’m using DELL XPS M1210. It just works.

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