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Timezone aware cron finally pushed to OpenSolaris

December 24, 2008

With this “push” yesterday:

changeset:   8439:51a23ac0d2a6 user:        Chris Gerhard <> date:        Tue Dec 23 15:44:14 2008 +0000 files:       usr/src/cmd/cron/Makefile usr/src/cmd/cron/cron.c usr/src/cmd/cron/cron.h usr/src/cmd/cron/crontab.c usr/src/cmd/cron/funcs.c description: PSARC/2007/503 crontab entry environment variables 6518038 cron & crontab should support multiple timezones  

OpenSolaris finally contains a version of cron that understands and correctly handles having different timezones. You can also specify a different home directory (useful when you don’t want NFS to get involved in your cron job for any reason) and shell to run jobs in. It should be in build 106 of OpenSolaris & Nevada.

This brings you crontab in line with at(1) which has been timezone aware for some time.

To use simply set the variables HOME, TZ and SHELL in your crontab file and all subsequent lines will use those values until the next HOME, TZ and SHELL lines are found:

 SHELL=/usr/bin/ksh TZ=Africa/Abidjan HOME=/tmp/cg13442 23 * 1-9,11-26,28-29,31 2-10,12 * exec /var/tmp/cron/ 23 \* 1-9,1 1-26,28-29,31 2-10,12 \* Africa/Abidjan HOME=/var/tmp/cg13442 3 0-7,9-10,12-22 1-6,8-9,11-21,24-26,28 1-7,9-10,12 * exec /var/tmp/cron/crontes 3 0-7,9-10,12-22 1-6,8-9,11-21,24-26,28 1-7,9-10,12 \* Africa/Abidjan TZ=Africa/Accra 37 0-2,4-5,7-17,20-22 * * * exec /var/tmp/cron/ 37 0-2,4-5,7-17,2 0-22 \* \* \* Africa/Accra 


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