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VirtualBox on home Sun Ray server

December 7, 2008

I’m after best practices for VirtualBox on a home Sun Ray server. My solution is to have a “vbox” role and create a VirtualBox named after each user contianing the OS that they need. For most users this there is no need as everything they need is available natively on Solaris but there are some apps that only work on Windows so for that user they get those apps.

The upside of this is that I get to manage the images (and since I will have to fix them that is good). Plus I can pause and VM when the user removes their card by having my utdetach script do:

su – vbox -c "pfexec VBoxManage controlvm $1 pause" > /dev/null 

and then the utattach script do:

su – vbox -c "pfexec VBoxManage controlvm $1 resume" > /dev/null

So that the Virtual Machines are not burning resources when they need not be. The temptation to also do:

su – vbox -c "pfexec VBoxManage snapshot $1 take $(date ‘+%F-%T’)”

in the detach is strong but I need to better understand the disk space implications of that and whether letting ZFS handle that would be better.


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One Comment
  1. I’ve been interested in the Sun Ray thin clients for a few years now and really enjoy seeing interesting uses like this. Hopefully one day I’ll have one of my own to play with.

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