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Who forgot to update named.root ?

December 5, 2008


So the latest script added to my list of cron jobs running on my home server is:

#!/bin/ksh  TMPDIR=/tmp/named_check_$$.$RANDOM  trap "cd / && test -d $TMPDIR && rm -r $TMPDIR" EXIT mkdir $TMPDIR || exit cd $TMPDIR || exit  wget -q if ! cmp -s named.root /var/named/db.cache then         mv named.root ~         mailx -s "new named.root file " $LOGNAME << EOF  There is a new named.root file in ~/named.root it needs to be verified and then installed as /var/named/db.cache.   EOF fi 

All after the internet broke in the house. My initial suspicion that one of the kids had typed google into google was wide of the mark. My old named.root file was old, really, really old. So now I’m checking once a month that my named.root file is upto date


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