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dtrace top tip

November 5, 2008

When logged on to a laptop (or any desktop system using X) don’t run this command:

 $ pfexec dtrace -l -p $(pgrep Xorg) 

Instead do this:

 $ pfexec dtrace -l -o /tmp/dt -p $(pgrep Xorg) 

The former will deadlock the Xserver and if, like me you are in a hotel room with no other way to login to the system require you to power cycle it. The latter will put the results in /tmp/dt which you can then look at.

Even as I hit return I thought I should not do that as bad things could happen, See CR 4259419.

I blame this on staying up late at an Election night Party with some very happy people. Thank you to them for letting me share the experience, I just hope that you are not let down in the same way we have been after the 1997 Labour victory which brought so much hope to so many.


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