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Upgrade to OpenSolaris “build 100”

November 3, 2008

Upgrading my, well Sun’s, ageing Toshiba Tecra M2 that is running OpenSolaris to that latest bits based on nevada 100 was harder than I would have liked.

  1. The new nvidia driver does not support the chipset on the M2. You have to un-install the nvidia drivers and install the beta “legacy” drivers ( Without this the configuration I ended up with was truly horrible.

  2. The system would panic when I booted the old build 99 boot environment. This is mentioned in the comments on Stephen Hahn’s blog entry. Needless to say I only found the workaround later.

  3. The auto-snapshot & timeslider packages were not installed by default. Easy to fix

pkg install pkg:/SUNWgnome-time-slider@0.5.11-0.100 pkg install pkg:/SUNWzfs-auto-snapshot@0.5.11-0.100 

    Even after installing the packages they had to be manually enabled in smf. I don’t understand why they did not get updated and am left wondering what other new features have not been installed.

I have also reinstalled the frkit in a vain attempt to get some battery life out of the system. Judging by my attempt to use the laptop on battery power in the airport this has not had a dramatic impact on the battery. However the system no longer feels hot to the touch. Top tip with frkit is to use beadm to create a snapshot of the current BE before running the script. That way if it does not work you can boot a boot environment that still works.


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