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Bromptons on Eurostar

October 14, 2008

When taking a Brompton on Eurostar make sure you have a cover for it or they won’t let you on the train. Quite why I don’t know since I do have a cover and believe it or not could not be bothered to get into an argument with them.

Once covered they have no problem with them. The next gripe would be google maps. It does not offer routes for cyclists and at least in France does not show hills. Specifically the hill between the station and the Sun Office in Velizy.


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  1. alecm permalink

    >Quite why I don’t know
    apparently bicycles are grubby and lower the tone, not to mention might scuff someone else’s luggage.

  2. William Walling permalink

    "Interesting, as no mention of bicycle covering is mentioned on the ‘official’ Eurostar web site.

  3. Actually it does mention it:
    "If you can fold or dismantle your bike and place it in a bike bag with the saddle, handlebars and wheels removed, you can carry it on board yourself as part of your luggage allowance as long as the overall size is no bigger than a normal suitcase."
    Now I did not remove the saddle, handlebars and wheels since this is a brompton. However I still wonder why they insist on the bag.

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