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Sunsolve et al Session timeouts increasing.

September 30, 2008

The hot news around here is that the session timeouts for Sunsolve and the other tools that use the authentication system on are going to be increased to something approaching reasonable timeouts. The current 30 minute idle and 2 hour session timeout will be increased to 8 hours idle and 24 hours for the session. Not quite the 14 days and 90 days I would have but none the less a welcome step in the right direction.

If all goes well the change should happen on October 9th. I wish it was sooner but none the less the prospect is exciting enough for me to pre-announce it here, not that anyone will read it!

A big thank you to those who are making it happen.


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  1. Vlad permalink

    That’s fantastic news, at least we’ll only have to log in on a daily basis.

  2. Rand Huntzinger permalink

    I read it and it is indeed good news. The current timeouts are a pain in the neck.

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