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Office Advert

September 20, 2008

There is an amazing Advert running on local radio at the moment. The premise is that you don’t need to waste money on expensive brand name trainers but to get the best out or education then you have to have Microsoft Office 2008. The irony of the add is that you would be wasting your money not on brand name trainers but instead on a“brand name” office suite.

Of course for infinitely less, yes free, you can have

I know I’ve been here before but it is worth repeating.


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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    "As many of my clientèle are of the ‘legal’ persuasion, I ask only they read a Redmond ‘EULA’ to assure Open Office deployment." (OO V3 is going to be FUN!)
    Simply, "Don’t subscribe to making Redmond-AIRES ever richer!"
    UBUNTU with OO works for me, 24/7/365, thank you Mr. Shuttleworth and associates!
    Don’t worry SUN as future IT ware testing DOES continue unabated and unencumbered! 🙂

  2. I’ve been annoyed by this advert too, and have actually been wondering why any *Office software is "essential" for going back to school. It’s no more essential than the expensive trainers in my mind.

  3. Ross permalink

    Tell me about it, my girlfriend has to put up with me ranting every time it comes up on the radio 🙂
    God knows how they get away with adverts like this. Most kids could probably do their homework on wordpad, and if they do need more features there are plenty of other free alternatives nowdays. Surely implying Office 2007 is needed for schoolwork is misleading the public?

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