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Native CIFS and samba on the same system

September 13, 2008

I’ve been using samba at home for a while and now but would like to migrate over to the new CIFS implentation provided by solaris. Since there are somre subtle differences in what each service provides* this means a slower migration.

Obviously you can’t configure both services to run on the same system so to get around this I am going to migrate all the SMB services into a zone running on the server and then allow the global zone to act as the native CIFS service.

So I configured a zone called, rather dully, “samba” with loop back access to all the file systems that I share via SMB and added the additional priviledge “sys_smb” so that the daemons could bind to the smb service port.

zonecfg:samba> set limitpriv=default,sys_smb

The end command only makes sense in the resource scope.
zonecfg:samba> commit
zonecfg:samba> exit

Now you can configure the zone in the usual way to run samba. I simply copied the smb.conf and smbpasswd files from the global zone using zcp.


Once that was done and samba enabled in smf I could then enable the natives CIFS server in the global zone and have the best of both worlds.


*) The principal difference I see is that the native smb service does not cross file systems mount points. So if you have a hierarchy of file systems you have to mount each one on the client. With samba you can just mount the root and it will see everything below.

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