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Wet August Ride

August 24, 2008

Only three riders out due to the weather forecast of rain. Unfortunately the forecast was accurate however when it got really bad we had already made it to the Cafe at Henfold having decided that al fresco breakfast in Peaslake would be a bad plan.

BBT 24 August 2008
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Then on the final run into Esher I got a puncture. That said I was glad I got up and rode.


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  1. William R. Walling permalink

    "Please DO tell me your described tire puncture was not within a Continental GP4000 skin?"
    If so, was it in the tread or shoulder areas?
    Reasoning, ONLY their GP4Season, now undergoing daily test rides, has a ‘wrap around’ protective Duraskin belt (bead-to-bead). (Cover ALL bases!)
    GP4000 and S feature a Vectran material ‘center’ only protection belt affording reduced tire weight.

  2. The split was in the side wall of the GP4000.
    I’ll try the GP4 season on my winter stead.

  3. William R. Walling permalink

    "For your review, Continental GP4000 v GP4Season riding observations,
    GP4000 – Near slick tread GREAT for smooth road gliding, Inflation PSI important for those Conti Race Light Tubes too, north of 105 psi, SUPER surface adhesion, better than most in the wet.
    GP4Season – A fine training or daily tire as it requires additional energy with it’s patterned tread, additional DuraSkin belt and tread present a heavier tire, accepts lower operation inflation pressures, works very well in rain with little moisture adhering to tire circumference.
    ODDITY: Conti does NOT offer a suitable, 700×25-32c Tube, for the larger 28c tire (a.k.a. 28c on my Cross bicycle)
    Advise against using their 700x 25-47c Tube as material stretch suggests inflation and tire conformance issues.
    I use standard type 700×28-32c MICHELIN or 700×25-30c KENDA PV tubes for my Cross fitment.
    Continental 700x25c GP4Season tires are ‘in transit’ to me for BOTH Road and Cross bicycles use atop new EASTON wheels.
    Note, cartridge bearing containing hubs employed are SUPER SMOOTH!

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