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Park Tyre Boot – Product test

August 21, 2008

While away on vacation I had the “pleasure” to finally product test the Park Tyre Boot I have been carrying in my saddle bag for two or three years. The only problem was getting the backing paper off as the years of sitting in a saddle bag and getting wet seemed to have had a negative effect on the paper. However once removed The managed to cover the 15mm gash in the sidewall such that the inner tube no longer poked out even at 100psi. In fact it did such a good job that it was hard to see where the gash was after applying the boot.

All in all a good result. I will continue to carry one but will try and find a way to keep them dry, not easy in English weather.


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  1. Try a zip-lock plastic bag Chris. I use them all the time when I’m out running in the rain. It shouldn’t take up any more space and will keep it as dry as a very dry thing.

  2. thank trev,
    The problem is holes wear in those bags if you keep them in a seddle bag for a long time. However now you mention it Ortleib make some excellent document/valuable bags that would do the trick. On the other hand since I’m now using an Ortlieb saddle bag the things don’t get wet anymore.

  3. William R. Walling permalink

    "Try Continental GP4000, S or GP4Season tires with appropriately sized tubes, ACTUALLY function as advertised."
    Employing ‘Vectran’ belt (Airbag material) with Duraskin belt (bead-to-bead on GP4Season only) and Black Chili (?) compound carcass affords viable puncture resistance for a lightweight package.
    ‘Bicycling’ (a print-web media outlet) recommended too!
    Observation, they ARE directional, sans arrows to make fitment ‘interesting’.
    Review then install per tread marking(s) direction! (‘Groovy’ Dude! 🙂

  4. Thanks William by the strangest of coincidences the tyres are GP4000 which I have found to be excellent.

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