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Loading the kernel takes a lot longer

June 18, 2008

Interesting change when installing snv_91 over the net from earlier releases. There is a very considerable delay with the “spinning bar” running here:

Sun Fire V440, No Keyboard Copyright 1998-2004 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved. OpenBoot 4.16.1, 16384 MB memory installed, Serial #55495765. Ethernet address 0:3:ba:4e:cc:55, Host ID: 834ecc55.    Rebooting with command: boot net                                       Boot device: /pci@1c,600000/network@2  File and args:  /pci@1c,600000/network@2: 100 Mbps full duplex link up Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet 4000 /pci@1c,600000/network@2: 100 Mbps full duplex link up /

Previously you would get the SunOS version message quite quickly.

SunOS Release 5.11 Version snv_91 64-bit

Now it takes many, more than five, minutes (with the 100Mbps link) to load over NFS. So be patient!

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  1. andrewk8 permalink

    What is the reason for this slowdown?

  2. I’ve not investigated it further yet but I think it is downloading the boot archive and a RAM disk. Need to check that out.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve spotted on a forum post on that the boot archive on SPARC is much bigger than on x86, so this will be part of the answer.
    The second half could be that you were previously running a version of Nevada older than build 80, which is when "new boot for SPARC" integrated.

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