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A more generic scsi.d

May 30, 2008

I had reason to want to be able to decode scsi_pkt structures in dtrace again this week and it struck me that that is really what scsi.d does. So I went about modifying it to be able to translate the structures in the more general case. The result is that it is now moderately simple to get it to decode a scsi_pkt structure in any routine that can access them.

If that is the boat you are into, and clearly I am, then download the latest scsi.d script (version 1.13 or later) and then look for the comments “FRAMEWORK” to show you where you need to add your code.

I’ve also added a few more SCSI commands to the commands that scsi.d will understand. These are mostly from the set of commands used by tape devices.

As an example I have left the probe I was interested in in the script, which was why we are seeing ssd reporting illegal requests. Which command does the target not like?

01054.352580740 scsi_vhci0:ILL 0x1d SEND_DIAGNOSTIC address 00:00, lba 0x100100, len 0x000010, control 0x00 timeout 300 CDBP 6002a2681c0 sched(0) cdb(6) 1d1001001000

Then it is a simple matter to explain why this is not a problem. Get the monitoring software that is generating these commands to not talk to the targets that don’t understand them.


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