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Walton to Brighton

May 4, 2008

As part of the preparation for what is increasingly looking like a day of great pain when I will be riding up Ventoux, twice, well one and a half times. At 190km or 118 miles with the small matter of Ventoux stuck in the middle of it I’m beginning to get worried.

Back to todays ride. As part of the preparation I’m trying to “get some miles in” so I pre-announced that I would be going to Brighton today which if you go the direct route is almost exactly 100 miles round trip. Ie 18 less than the ride I’m training for and the only lumps being the north and south downs. The north downs can be avioded but that won’t be much preparation!

No one else was game for the ride but they did escort me to the top of Pebble Coombe before going their own way. This left me with a lonely 90 mile ride where I spent the first 20 miles after they left thinking I must start to feel good some time soon and then after that dealing with the increasing fatigue. I struggled over the downs, something you can see in the early bit of the video I got of the Sea coming into view

The return leg was every bit as slow and tired as the outward leg. The only upside being that I managed to be back home at 14:05 with the GPS showing 108 miles, having left at 7:00 that is not exactly a blistering pace but at one point I was concerned I would not be back until after 15:00.

All in all unless something changes I’m going to just be pleased to finish the Ventoux ride.

Next week is the South Western Road Club’s “May Flyer” which the BBT are riding however I doubt I will be “flying”! Although with a light cycling week on the calendar due the Bank Holiday and a visit I have to make may be I will be feeling top. I can dream

Update: The gps track is here:


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One Comment
  1. Chris,
    "Based on your video, BAD roads aplenty."
    Novel FULL suspension for road bicycles in development.
    I have never supported the notion a ‘flexible chassis’ solved poor road surface v bicycle issues.
    Simply, let a bicycle fitted with ‘quality’ suspension and tires do this job!

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