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SunSolve Search

May 2, 2008

I’ve added a completely unsupported Firefox Search engine for SunSolve to this blog. It you go to the search box on Firefox while viewing this page then it will give you the option to add the search engine. For the search engine to work you have to be a registered SunSolve user and if/when SunSolve changes it could stop working.

I’m going to log an RFE for SunSolve that they include this in SunSolve itself at which point I’ll delete this one.

If anyone has a better icon to use then I would be happy to include it.


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  1. charles permalink

    Chris, great idea, but look what I get by using SunSolve bugs search link.
    Home > Support >
    SunSolve Errors
    You have encountered the following error(s) or warning(s):
    SunSolve Search is no longer supported. Alternatively you can use One Search

  2. Yes good point. I should have made it clear that they only work if you are logged in to sunsolve.

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