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A Long Way to Work

April 23, 2008

Since I do really need to get fit for the Ventoux ride in June I took the long route to work today. After a few miles it began to rain but since it is not unknown for the weather on Ventoux to be inclement even in June turning back did not seem very good preparation. The rain howerver persisted for the whole ride, so much so my normal cycle computer stopped working1. The route is essentially the same as the long route I used to ride prior to the Office Move until the turn into Christmas Pie which I don’t take. Oddly only 3 miles longer however now the home run is 21 miles rather than 14 so I ended up with a 57 mile day.

Long ride to work
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The route is not especially pleasant during rush hour as there was quite heavy traffic for large sections, particularly from Chilworth onwards. There was some relief on the road through Ash Vale to Frimley as the bridge over the canal is closed to traffic but by becoming a pedestrian a cyclist can get through so there was almost no traffic up that section.

1The failure mode was once again very strange in that when I returned to my bike to ride home in the evening the computer had clearly stored a number of miles worth of pulses so that the distance suddenly moved forward three miles while I was putting my shoes on. Most odd.


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