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Good Morning Build 87

April 22, 2008

On arriving back from my well earned holiday (yes I had a very relaxing time thank you) I see that not only is there a nice new Solaris release on our server but the server itself is no longer a power hungry SunFire box but an Eco friendly Niagra based T5220 and today is Earth Day. It’s almost like we planned it!

: FSS 1 $; uname -a SunOS enoexec 5.11 snv_87 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220 : FSS 2 $;  

We have actually been here before with respect to the Huron server as we tried one out for a few weeks around the time of build 83. I left the blogging of it to a colleague as it was not 100% successful or was 100% successful depending on your point of view. The system would crash regularly and finally a bug (which unfortunately is not published as it contains the way to panic an un-patched system running nevada so is marked as a “security” issue. I think this is a bit harsh) was filed and rapidly fixed. So if you are using a system to shake out bugs, which is why I use a nevada Sun Ray server at work, then this was 100% successful.

The performance of the system is well good enough. That is to say the only clue I had that something was “up” was that the performance meter I run, I know I should not but I do, get over it, looks “inverted”. We are not making a dent on the threads.


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