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Riding to Wisborough Green

March 30, 2008

With the clocks going forward that allows me to bring out the Summer Bike. Even when the weather when I got up was less than promising but since I ‘ve been waiting to get back on the summer bike for some time, counting the days, nothing was going to stop me. I’ve not got around to fitting the GPS on this bike yet and with the Helmet Camera already mounted on the handle bars and a “traditional” bike computer it is hard to see how I will. So today I just hit the start button and put it in my pocket to get a track of where we went. I’m glad I did.

On arriving at the meeting point there was no one there but after a few minutes a single rider joined me and suggested we try and ride the South Western spring ride route in reverse, but not all of it!

With just two riders who are reasonably evenly matched this made for a really great ride. None of that hanging around waiting at the top of hills, well not much, so we ate up the miles and were really glad to find the Cafe in Wisborough Green again. On leaving Wisborough Green we found ourselves on the route of the South Western Ride again and had hopes of find the hill only to find that we were taken back to Wisbourough Green again so we decided to take the other road that went north and find our own way home. The route turned out to be really good even if it did have a sting in the tail in the form of Pitch Hill followed by Coombe Bottom.

My “traditional” bike computer claimed 82 miles and the GPS 78. Having seen how the GPS has not really kept enough points for an accurate track I’ll take the 82 miles.1. 16.4mph average.

I’ve uploaded the route to It was really good and I would recommend it.

1I know I’m not fooling anyone as if the GPS milage had been higher I would have used that on the basis that it would have less calibration error. Clearly Garmin need to make a GPS that will store more than 3 ½ hours of data at 1 point per second.

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