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Blown Fuses

March 24, 2008

My son got an electronics kit for his birthday that includes a 2A fuse to protect the various components from the 2 AA batteries. Needless to say he managed to blow the fuse pretty quickly and the spare not long after that. I pondered whether I should teach him about tin foil since this is just 3V and poses no real danger but thought it would be a poor thing to teach him until he understand more. I ordered lots of fuses but they have not arrived yet.

Alas he learned it all by himself that a safety pin is a perfect fit.


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  1. EdwardOCallaghan permalink

    HA !!
    What is the rating on that particular safety pin ?
    I would say 25A @ 12V but that is open to a poll 😀
    Send my regards, `Good job!`

  2. Paul Humphreys permalink

    Chris I am disappointed given your son’s pedigree. I think a rusty nail would have been far more suitable.

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